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If your propane cannon is in need of repairs or parts, please inquire with your local Zon dealer as they may provide a handy repair service. If not,
you can deliver you cannons to Sutton Ag for repair. We offer an economical cannon repair service with quick turnaround.

We stock a full inventory of repair parts for the Zon Mark 4 and EL08 cannons as well as most parts for the older Zon Mark 2 cannon.

We're happy to provide free Zon gun troubleshooting guidance over the phone, but before calling, please consider some very common and easy to
remedy propane cannon problems.

Never perform any maintenance or troubleshooting with the gas tank attached to the propane cannon.

If you're operating the cannon in a windy area, it's possible the wind is too strong and is disturbing the gas mixture (blowing the gas away before it ignites). This is often the case when the cannon appears to be working, but the blasts are dull or just a clicking sound is heard as the tripper strikes the lighter. The solution is to place the cannon out of the wind or behind a wind screen, or discontinue use until wind subsides.

If your weather has been especially humid or foggy (not regular morning dew, but permeating dampness), moisture may have accumulated inside the propane cannon. This can be determined by lifting the lid and looking inside for signs of excess moisture, primarily in the area of the lighter/piezo element. The solution is to dry off any moisture.

Whitish substance is cobweb clog.

Cobwebs can be quite sticky, but removal is easy with a twisted wire
brush or similar tool.

Clear cannon barrel

Web and debris filled cannon barrel

Ensure regulator is securely connected to tank

  • Cobweb.

    When it's time to take your bird scare cannon out of storage for another season's use, be aware of spiderwebs/cobwebs which can clog the gas intake chamber.

    Usually, this is evident when the cannon was firing regularly before storage, and found to be non-working upon removal.

    Yes, this seems unlikely, but we've found it is very often the cause of this type of trouble. We have "repaired" many cannons by simply removing cobwebs.

    To access a cobweb clog in a Zon Mark 4 cannon, you'll need to detach the main body mechanism from the megaphone by gently bending it away from the bolts.

    Material inside of barrel.

    Another problem that often arises after the bird scare cannon has
    been stored during the off-season is material within the barrel.

    Be sure to clean out any debris that has accumulated within the
    cannon barrel; further examine the depths of the barrel by shining
    a light into it; if you are unable to see clear through to the Lighter
    #91506, there is likely material clogging this area.

    Note the Iris #91146 opening is almost 2-inches, which is plenty of
    room for a rodent or other small critter to set-up residence while
    the cannon is not in use. We have "repaired" many cannons by
    removing mouse and wasp nests in the area beyond the Iris.

    Storing your cannon in a sealed plastic bag can help lessen the likelihood of rodents or insects nesting within the propane cannon. Always remember to examine your propane cannon before using after a period of storage.

    General gas issues.
    The propane tank must be securely connected to the Regulator. If there is pressurized gas supply to the cannon, it will go through its cycle. If the tank is filled with gas, is hooked up properly, and is turned on, action will happen at the cannon; it will blast as it should, or will generate mechanical/clicking noises if there's a problem within the cannon.

    If nothing happens:

  • Tank is empty or very near empty. If refilling the tank doesn't help, try a different tank.
  • Regulator is not fully tightened or seated. Remove and reattach to tank.
  • Overflow protection device on tank has not been deactivated (so gas cannot reach the cannon).
  • Can you smell gas? It may be leaking through the Hose #6556 or Diaphragm #91316. Both parts are inexpensive to replace.
  • Has aftermarket hose been installed recently? The type of hose required for the Zon cannon is very specific and you're not likely to find an acceptable aftermarket substitute, even when purchased from a propane retailer. Zon Hose #6556 is quite inexpensive (less than $3 per foot) and readily available from Sutton Ag or your local Zon gun dealer.
  • Have any parts been manipulated? The propane cannon is very user serviceable, but the parts are not meant to be altered in any way (ie: enlarging holes to manipulate gas flow, etc.). To do so can be dangerous, will void the warranty, and can cause more costly repairs.

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