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Zon Cannon Repair

Zon Automatic Scarecrows have been used worldwide to scare pest birds and wildlife away from agricultural crops, airports, disposal sites and other critical areas since 1942.

Zon Cannon Repair Service

If your propane cannon is in need of repairs or parts, please inquire with your local Zon dealer as they may provide a handy repair service. If not, you can deliver you cannons to Sutton Ag for repair. We offer an economical cannon repair service with quick turnaround Please allow more time during the busy season (summer months). Contact us for more information.

For general Zon cannon troubleshooting, visit our Zon Cannon Support page.

We stock a full inventory of repair parts for the Zon Mark 4 and EL08 cannons, and most parts for the older Zon Mark 2 cannon.

Most Zon cannon parts are available for purchase in our online store. Other parts can be ordered toll-free via phone: 866/280-6229. Please be
sure to clearly identify your cannon before ordering parts. Refer to notes below, along with our Zon Cannon ID page