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Weed Spider Robotic Weeder / Thinner / Precision Sprayer

WeedSpider working in various crops

Weed Spider

Weed Spider is the world's first platform capable of automatically weeding, spraying, and thinning a variety of crops.

  • Up to 95% reduction in labor cost
  • Works up to 3.5 acres per hour
  • Works up to 28 acres per day

Weed Spider Platform

The WeedSpider robotic weeding system is one convenient system for growers, and one giant leap in farm management. Combining the features of a robotic weeder, robotic thinner, and robotic sprayer, the WeedSpider weeding robot saves growers’ time and money by combining the features of three different systems into one.

Three Jobs, One Platform

Mechanical Weeding

Mechanical Thinning

Precision Spraying

WeedSpider working in broccoli

Choose from a fully autonomous weeding robot service or the convenience of a tractor-based weeding machine for all your crop management needs. Featuring the latest in AI technology, autonomous guidance, and crop health monitoring, the WeedSpider gives you more insight into your crops than ever before.

Featuring mechanical weeding and thinning systems as well as precision spraying capabilities, the WeedSpider lets you choose how to run your operation.

All electric, solar powered, and spanning up to three 80-inch seed beds, the WeedSpider’s mechanical weeding and thinning arms remove any unwanted plants without the need of any herbicides. Never get caught short on labor or let your crops get the better of you with the WeedSpider.

 WeedSpider before & after

 Weed Spider Features

  • Cutting Edge AI
    Weed Spider AI models are always improving and so is your machine
  • Super Fast Setup
    Your entire system can be configured in mere minutes
  • Rapid Change Over
    Switch between weeding and thinning in mere seconds
  • Intuitive User Interface
    Weed Spider features an intuitive, ultra-thin, easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Wireless Technology
    Wireless operation with no cords to mind
  • Bilingual
    Can be operated in English or Spanish
  • Sustainable
    Chemical-free, completely mechanical weeding and thinning
  • Electric
    Solar options to save time and money
  • Data & Analytics
    Real-time progress updates and crop health monitoring

WeedSpider Mechanical Weeding

  • Replaces a weeding crew of up to 20 people
  • Fully mechanical weeding arms capable of weeding in 3D
  • Automatic blade depth control
With up to 36 weeding arms working across 18 crop lines to weed up to 4.5 acres per hour, the WeedSpider's unique arm assembly allows the robotic weeder to follow the contour of any crop bed to ensure the cut depth is always at the right height for your crops.

Targeted Weeding Mode

  • Only places blades in the soil when removing weeds
  • Minimizes soil disturbance
  • Maximizes operating speed
Minimize soil disturbance and maximize operating speed with Weed Spider's unique Targeted Weeding mode. This mode only moves the blades into the soil if there's a weed to eliminate, preventing excessive siol turnover, and preventing new unwanted weed growth.

WeedSpider Mechanical Thinning

  • Fully mechanical thinning lets you work in practically any condition
  • Switch from weeding to thinning with the touch of a button
  • Sub-inch accuracy
Whatever the weather, Weed Spider lets you complete your thinning operation.

WeedSpider Precision Spraying

  • Precision application of almost any chemical treatment
  • Quick change over from weeding to spraying
  • Robust against moderately windy operating conditions
Quickly and easily reconfigure your Weed Spider system to spray by switching the application arm to Weed Spider's proprietary spraying unit. Precisely spray up to 18 crop lines at once and never miss a crop with this 3D spraying technology

WeedSpider Tractor Platform

The WeedSpider tractor platform attaches to almost any tractor via a three-point hitch. Spanning up to three 80-inch beds, the tractor platform makes robotic weeding, robotic thinning, and robotic spraying easier than ever.

Set up and configure the Weed Spider robotic weeder in minutes, and change crops in seconds. An advanced operator interface and easy configuration system means you can completely change jobs whenever you need.

Mounts to any Cat II 3-point hitch, or Cat II quick-hitch system
Minimum tractor hp: 40
Advanced seed-bed height detection

Weed Spider Autonomous robotic weederWeedSpider Autonomous Platform

The WeedSpider Autonomous platform is a fully autonomous weeding robot capable of traversing entire fields without any user input. Simply define a field via the operator portal, hit go, and watch the magic happen.

Featuring advanced obstacle detection and avoidance, the WeedSpider Autonomous platform automatically detects people and animals to ensure everyone is safe when near the machine.

Fully autonomous operation
Automatic obstacle detection and avoidance
Able to operate 24 hours per day