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Walk Behind Seed Spider Planter

Seed Spider metering unitSeed Spider - Sow Much Better

Seed Spider metering system
Seed Spider's rotating sponge metering system gently rotates seed and pulls it into the release cavity. The sponge system is very gentle on seeds.

Seed Spider spongesSeed Spider sponges come in a range of styles to accommodate a variety of seed types. The sponge system is very gentle on seeds.

Seed Spider metering unitSeed Spider Encoder controllerSeed Spider Encoder controller & driver


Seed Spider was first introduced in 1999, and has since grown to
be the top planter for high density crops like spring mix and
spinach. In the U.S., more high density crops are planted with
Seed Spider than with any other seed planter.

The ever growing popularity of the Seed Spider Planter is lead by
its accuracy, reliability, and value. Seed Spider can accurately
plant crops with seed counts from 20,000 seeds per pound, to
800,000 seeds per pound, making it ideal for planting high
density crops like spring mix and spinach.

Patented rotating sponge pads gently separate and meter seed
without damaging it. Seed rate is controlled by a variable speed
electric motor, making adjustments simple. Metering units are
available with up to six outlets, and feature quick-release
handles for quick and efficient seed changes.

The Seed Spider Metering System is the world's first electronic
seed metering system. It's a revolutionary, patented device that
accurately meters seed from a bulk hopper to multiple outlets,
and is noticeably more accurate over a wider range of seed types
than virtually any other seed planter. It's best suited to seeds
ranging in size from 20,000 to 800,000 seeds per pound (for
example, raw carrot or lettuce seed, and seed up to pea size).


  • A 12 volt motor drives a sponge rotor within a vertical
    cylindrical metering plate.
  • This metering plate has multiple channels in its internal wall,
    along which seeds are gently separated by the rotating
    sponge and carried to individual outlets.
  • The gentle nature of the sponge ensures seeds are never
    damaged, and a wide range of seeds can be accurately
    metered, raw, and coated ( pelleted).
  • The speed of the drive motor is controlled electronically.

Metered seed outlets

The standard metering system has 6 outlets.
Interchangeable metering plates provide options from one to
six outlets.

Sponge rotor

The unique patented rotating sponge pad gently separates
and meters the seed without damaging it.

Seed hopper

The 1.8 gallon seed hopper is ideal for most seeding
applications and is transparent for convenient seed level
monitoring. The seed hoppers have a quick release fitting to
allow them to be lifted off for quick and easy emptying.

High quality components

Manufactured to uncompromising standards, the Seed
Spider Metering System is constructed from stainless steel
and durable plastic to eliminate corrosion and ensure long
term reliability.

Encoder control system

The Seed Spider Encoder Control System is an extremely
reliable electric metering system that is ideal for most high
density planting situations.
Operating Seed Spider does not require high skill levels as
compared with competing machines. Seeding rates can be
changed with the push of a button.

Encoder system features:

  • Encoder controller communicates wirelessly with encoder
    motor drivers
  • Communication via Bluetooth module
  • Encoder motor driver contains an internal GPS receiver
  • Limited wires and connections
  • Motor RPM monitoring with automatic synchronization
  • Warning system alerts when motors are not functioning

In addition to large scale Seed Spider planters, we offer a smaller,
walk-behind version of the planter for small plots and trial work.


Walk behind Seed Spider planter
12-Line walk-behind Seed Spider high density seeder

Walk-Behind Seed Spider Planter

With our Walk-Behind Seed Spider, the encoder controller is
mounted in easy reach on the handle-bar, and provides a user friendly interface for the system.

Controller and motor drivers connect to the on-board 12V battery.

A welded-frame provides years of durability planting your high density

Standard unit has a maximum planting width of 24-inches and
plants up to 12 lines with two, 6-outlet metering units.


Walk behind Seed Spider planter shoe rackWalk behind Seed Spider shoe rack accommodates very close spacing

Walk behind Seed Spider planter shoe rack
Easy-access shoe rack height adjustment 

Walk behind Seed Spider bed rollerBed roller on Seed Spider walk behind planter

Walk behind Seed Spider controls
Encoder controller and power switch are positioned at the handlebar

Walk behind Seed Spider planter unitsWalk behind Seed Spider unit with hoppers removed

Our walk-behind Seed Spider can plant up to 12 seed lines, with a
maximum planting width of 24-inches.

Shoe rack accommodates very close spacings. Shoes can be spaced
as close as 1/2-inch apart.

Simple notched-peg/clip height adjusters are easily accessible,
allowing for quick modification to shoe height in the field.

Shoes are made from durable, long wearing chromium.

Front and rear wheel drive can run in forward and reverse.

Sturdy expanded-metal rollers leave the planted bed very smooth,
similar to tractor planted fields.

Encoder controller and on/off switch are conveniently located at the handlebar.

Encoder driver is installed near the metering units for easy access.

Removable hoppers for efficient seed clean-out.

Available with 1 or 2 hoppers which plant up to 6 lines each.


Walk behind Seed Spider planter

Walk-behind Seed Spider high density seeder

Video below shows an overview of the Seed Spider metering system and seed changing procedure.