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The key to any pest control program is variety; employing different methods, alternating the duration or time of day used, relocating the devices, etc.

Visual devices are a valuable tool in your pest bird control arsenal. They range from simple predator presence (owls), can combine predator presence and movement (kites, balloons), or can combine irritating flash elements with movement (reflective tape, balloons), and can even incorporate a noise element that’s disturbing to birds (reflective tape fluttering in the wind).


Reflective bird scare tape Reflective bird scare tape Reflective bird scare tape
Flash Tape Flash Tape Visual bird scaring bundle
Yellow Eye Spot Balloon Black Eye Spot Balloon
White Eye Spot Balloon
Eye Spot Balloon bundle Terror Eyes balloon
Bird scaring kite, owl Bird scaring kite, 48" falcon Bird scaring kite, 48" eagle
Bird scaring kite, 70" eagle Bird scaring kite, 48" hawk Bird scaring kite, 70" hawk
Bird scaring owl Prowler Owl
Bird scaring owl
Air Ranger for scaring birds Air Ranger for scaring birds
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