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Our Sutton Jr. Push Planter is designed specifically for small plot, high density seed planting. Now with welded frame for years of durability planting your high density crops.
Sutton Jr push planter
Sutton Jr. seed lines
Sutton Jr. can plant up to 17 seed lines, with a maximum planting width of 24-inches.

Inexpensive plastic seed plates make it affordable to use many different plates to plant many sizes of seed.

Sutton Jr seed plates
Sutton Jr seed hopper
Quick seed plate change
Rotating brushes inside the hopper agitate seed through holes in the seed plate. Single plate design makes hole size changes quick and easy.
Sutton Jr seed lines
Flexible number of seed lines
Seed lines can be plugged-off, allowing different crops to be planted in a variety of ways.

Shoe rack accommodates very close spacings. Shoes can be spaced as close as 1/2-inch apart .

Sutton Jr. high density push planter (click pic to enlarge). Ideal for planting high density crops like spring mix and spinach.
Sutton Jr planter shoes
Sutton Jr. Push Planter

with 8 shoes / holders, and 4 seed plates

Each Sutton Jr. seed planter is made to order at our in-house fab shop, and is not available for purchase in our online store. Please contact us for ordering information.
Sutton Jr seed hopper

Easy seed clean-out
Removable hopper provides efficient seed clean-out. Single hopper design makes emptying seed quick and easy.

Sutton Jr seed planter
Sutton Jr drive
Reliable ground wheel drive
Seed agitation is provided by the front roller. Sturdy front and rear expanded metal rollers leave the planted bed very smooth, similar to tractor planted fields.
Simple shoe height adjustment
Simple notched-peg/clip height adjusters are easily accessible, allowing for quick modification to shoe height in the field.
Sutton Jr. shoes are made from durable, long wearing chromium.
Sutton Jr shoe height

Our tractor drawn Sutton Jr. with 3-point hitch is ideal for planting larger plots.

Sutton Jr. Push Planter / 3-Point Sutton Jr. Comparison

Max. planting width

Max. # of seed lines
Shoe type
Roller type
Other features
Price *

Sutton Jr.

24 inches
Long wearing chromium
Expanded metal

Designed to accommodate 1 or 2 operators. At about 90 lbs., it's light enough for a single operator to push, but features a handle that's wide enough to accommodate 2 operators so you can plant without disturbing the planted seed lines.
With 8 shoes, 8 shoe holders
and 4 seed plates
Long wearing chromium
* Prices based on most common set-up. Either planter can be purchased with fewer or more shoes, holders, or seed plates.
Sutton Jr. planters are not available in our online store. Please contact us for more information.
Prices subject to change without notice. FOB Salinas, California USA.

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