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Sutton Seeder High Density Seed Planter

Toolbar mounted Sutton Seeder high density seed planter

Sutton Seeder hoppers are tiltable for easy seed clean-out

Designed for precision and efficiency, our Sutton Seeder high density planter is flexible and easy to use.


  • Flexible number of seed lines
    A virtually unlimited number of lines can be planted on a bed. The shoe
    rack is made to accommodate very close spacings.
  • Flexible seed line plugs
    Seed lines can be plugged-off, allowing different crops to be planted in
    a variety of ways
  • Flexible hydraulic drive
    Standard hydraulic drive allows for easy agitator speed and seed rate


  • Easy seed plate change
    A single plate per hopper assures consistent seed rate and quick and
    easy hole size changes. Durable steel seed plates for long wear.
  • Easy seed clean-out
    Hoppers tilt for efficient clean-out. Only one or two hoppers per bed
    makes seed changes easy.
  • Easy shoe adjustment
    Shoe spacing is adjustable individually. Shoe depth can be changed
    individually, or all together. Durable chromium shoe construction
    provides long wear.
  • Easy sled height adjustment
    Sutton Ag's custom made sled features runners which are easily
    adjusted for bed heights from 0-inches to 12-inches.

Numerous options complement the Sutton Seeder's versatility:

  • Toolbar mounting
  • Sled mounting
  • Stacker bar mounting
  • Operator usability and comfort options: catwalk, railing, bench,
    storage, etc.
  • Weight limiting system


Sutton Seeder's rotating brush seed agitation

Sutton Seeder's weight limiting system (springs)

Sled mounted Sutton Seeder with catwalk, bench, and railing

Sutton Seeder's shoe rack accommodates very close spacing


Sutton Seeder in stacker bar with catwalk, railing, and custom spray system