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Sutton Ag Stacker Bar

The Sutton Ag Stacker Bar provides a safe and efficient means of transporting large planters.

The popularity of wide planting beds increases every year, especially 80-inch beds. Seed planters large enough to plant three wide beds are difficult to transport safely and efficiently. A Stacker Bar (aka: folding bar) can be used to condense these especially wide planters for transportation.

Our custom made Stacker Bar “stacks” the planter units, holding them in an upright position at a more convenient, transportable width under 14-feet.

Stacking also has the advantage of elevating the widest part of the planter well above most road-side obstacles while planting or transporting from
field to field.


Our Stacker Bar is custom made in our in-house fabrication shop. It's used with a variety of seed planters, including:

  • Stanhay belt and vacuum planters
  • Sfoggia vacuum planter
  • Sutton Seeder
  • Seed Spider
  • Gaspardo

Numerous options can be incorporated into the Stacker Bar design:

  • Material applicators
  • Spray system
  • Walking surfaces
  • Railing
  • Seating
  • Built-in storage
  • Lights