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Steketee IC Weeder

The Steketee IC Weeder inner-row cultivating machine uses camera images to calculate the position of plants and is able to hoe around them accurately and quickly.

A wide variety of different blades, tines, and weeders are available to suit most any row crop. Cultivating blades and tines, shovels, finger weeders, and harrow weeders allow for inner-row and inner-plant cultivation of most crops.

The IC weeder combines functionality, ease of use, and safety into an innovative, well designed machine.

IC Weeder Cultivation

Two pneumatic cylinders supply the power that drives the cultivating blades. These cylinders are relatively simple, reliable and fast, and allow a capacity of 3 - 4 plants per second, up to a maximum of about 3 mph (5km/h).

Cultivating a variety of different size crops is made possible by a turnscrew, which makes blade adjustment easy.

IC Weeder Cameras

Cameras mounted under the front hood monitor an area illuminated with high powered LED lighting which prevents distortion from sunlight or shadows. This provides the precise position of each plant to assure fast and accurate cultivating.

IC Weeder Sideshift

The images provided by the camera ensure the machine is positioned in the correct place for accurate cultivation. The hydraulic side-shift allows for about 4 inches (10cm) of shift to the left or right of the row.

IC Weeder Support Wheels

Two depth wheels support the machine. In addition to controlling the height, they provide sideward stability. Sensors mounted on the support wheels allow the computer to make height adjustments, assuring the blades stay at the optimum working height.

IC Weeder Safety

At the rear of the machine is a folding safety bracket which protects bystanders from blade contact while the machine is in operation, and also acts as a bumper
while the machine is being transported. Safe road transport of the IC Weeder is enhanced thanks to its rear LED lights.

IC Weeder Crop Clean

Many features set the IC Weedar apart from other innerrow cultivating machines, but the feature that makes it really stand out is Crop Clean, exclusive to the IC Weeder.

Like any weeder, the IC can throw dirt onto plants as the knives move quickly in and out between plants. Unlike any other weeder, only the Steketee IC features the patented Crop Clean system.

Guided by the IC's camera and light system, Crop Clean blows a powerful puff of air onto the plants immediately after the knives make their pass, removing soil from the plants. The airflow is adjustable so there's no worry of damaging more delicate plants.

IC Weeder Accessories

A wide variety of optional hoeing blades and tines can be added to the IC Weeder to aid in inter-row (between-row) weeding.
A multitude of cultivating tines, torsion weeders, finger weeders, harrow weeders, etc. can be set-up in infinite configurations to suit most crops and soil conditions.

Popular blades and tines are readily available. Less common options can be special ordered.

Video below shows the spray system on the IC Weeder.