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Steketee IC Light & Electro-Hydraulic Steering Systems

Steketee electro hydraulic manual steering system

Manual steering system with joystick control

Steketee Cultivator Guidance Systems

Steketee offers two cultivator steering systems:
Electro-hydraulic manual steering system

  Low-cost steering system
  Ideal for smaller fields and cultivators

IC-Light camera guided steering system

  Most accurate guidance system
  Ideal for cultivating larger fields

Electro-Hydraulic Manual Steering System


  • Horizontal parallelogram with hydraulic steering cylinder
  • Front frame which is mounted behind the tractor
  • Rear frame with the hoeing elements attached to it
  • Manually operated joystick via tractor's hydraulics provides easy and accurate steering
  • Requires driver and one or more additional workers for constant monitoring of crop rows

Steketee IC-Light camera guided cultivator steering system

The IC-Light's color monitor provides real-time display of the camera images

Optional LED lights can be added to the IC-Light guidance system

Optional remote tech support is available for the IC-Light guidance system

Steketee IC-Light Steering System

The Steketee IC-Light is the most accurate and easy to use system for cultivator steering.

With the IC-Light, the cultivator can follow plant rows within a few inches.

The color camera recognizes the crop row, and steers the machine independent of the tractor.

The IC-Light steering system allows for faster, more accurate cultivation than traditional, manual steer cultivators.

Replacement for Eco-Dan

Many growers are choosing to replace their aging, unsupported Eco-Dan guidance systems with IC-Light, which features modern technology.

Steketee continually updates and refines programming, so you can be sure you're always taking advantage of the latest technological advances with the IC-Light.

Benefits of the IC-Light steering system:

  • Labor saving:
    • Able to be operated by tractor driver from within cab
    • Able to cultivate at a higher rate of speed compared to manual steering systems
  • Highly accurate steering
  • Automatic color recognition
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Real-time display of the camera image
  • Simple to use
  • Possible to steer on single or multiple rows
  • IC Light can be adapted to existing cultivators

IC-Light options:

  • LED Lighting
    Many farms begin operations before dawn and continue long after dusk. For these and other low light conditions, optional LED lights can be added to the IC-Light guidance system
  • Remote Tech Service
    Optional Steketee Remote Service is available. This service allows the IC-Light’s computer system to connect remotely to Steketee technicians for program updating and troubleshooting.

(Purchase of the IC Weeder or IC-Light includes 1 year of remote tech support. Additional support is optional beyond the first year.)