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Proper maintenance and adjustment of Stanhay belt and vacuum planter metering units is crucial to achieve the greatest accuracy possible. We've been providing these critical services ever since the S870 was introduced in 1959.

Seed belts, bases, and other common Stanhay repair parts are readily available, and can be ordered by phone: 866/280-6229. Most orders are shipped same day. Stanhay parts diagrams are available upon request.

Sutton Ag's Stanhay Belt Planter Services

Metering Unit Tune-Up Service

Typically, Stanhay belt planter metering units need to be tuned-up every 1,000 acres, or about annually. Tune-up prices vary depending on the condition of the equipment, but an average tune-up job runs ~$210 per metering unit. Service performed:

  • Wear groove in side plate is filled
  • Chain cover is removed for cleaning and adjustments of sprockets and chains, cover is replaced with new gaskets and screws
  • Drive tire surface is deglazed
  • Belt tensioner is aligned and adjusted
  • Pulley bushings and drive belt are replaced
  • Each unit is tested for proper operation and seed belt alignment.

Metering Unit Rebuild Service

After a few tune-up jobs, Stanhay metering units are due for more thorough maintenance service. Rebuilding prices vary depending on the condition of the equipment, but an average rebuild job runs ~$300 per metering unit. Painting the hopper, cover, arm and pulley adds $50 to each unit. Service performed:

  • Metering unit is completely disassembled
  • Each part is cleaned and thoroughly inspected
  • Any part that does not meet the tolerances of a new part is replaced
  • Wear grooves in side plate and body are filled
  • If new paint is requested, old paint and debris are completely removed prior to repainting
  • Each unit is reassembled and tested for proper operation and seed belt alignment

Seed Belts & Bases

Any machine must be configured properly to achieve optimum performance. This is especially true of Stanhay planters, which must have the correct combination of belts, bases, and repeller tires to plant at its greatest accuracy.

Our seed testing system closely approximates field conditions, so we are able to "plant" the actual seed that will be used in the field. This lets us view the "planted" results before recommending the proper belts and bases for your specific seed.

Choosing the correct spring-base is as important as using the proper belt. If one of the standard bases doesn't meet your needs, ask about our custom bases.

Sutton Ag's Stanhay Vacuum Planter Services

Routine Stanhay vacuum planter services:

  • Singulator calibration
  • Agitator bushings are cleaned and lubricated
  • Hopper side body is straightened
  • Parts inspected and replaced as needed:
    Air gallery
    Agitator fingers
    Crown wheel and pinion
    Chain sprocket and bushing
  • Each unit is tested for proper operation and seed plate alignment.


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