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Stanhay S870 Belt Planter

Stanhay S870 belt planter row unit

Stanhay S870 belt planter metering unit

8-Row Stanhay S870 belt planter8-Row Stanhay S870 Belt Planter

Stanhay's S870 Belt Planter is the most widely used seed planter in the lettuce industry. For well over 6 decades, row crop growers worldwide have relied on the S870 to plant a wide range of seed types in single or multi lines with unmatched, trusted accuracy.

Stanhay precision seeding

Stanhay precision belt planters are renown for their low seed drop and remarkable versatility. They plant every seed type from carrot to beans. When used with coated seed, Stanhay's accuracy is nearly perfect.

Stanhay S870 Metering Unit

Stanhay's S870 belt metering unit is lightweight, simple and extremely versatile. It can plant 1, 2, or 3 lines per unit with unmatched precision, making the 870 planter ideal for many types of operations.

The S870 produces outstanding results with coated (pelleted) seeds, and will handle some raw seeds as well. The 870 metering unit's unique belt system is extremely gentle on seed and features the lowest seed drop of any precision planter available

Stanhay S870 Belt Planter

The Stanhay S870 Belt Planter has long been the standard of the lettuce industry. For over 60 years, row crop growers all over the world have relied on the S870 for accurate depth control and spacing. In the U.S. "salad bowl" region, 15-row and 18-row S870 planters are common, but practically any number of rows is possible.

- Up to 18 row units can plant 1, 2, or 3 lines (dependent on belt/base/shoe combination) per row unit.

- Floating linkage allows each row unit to operate independently, ensuring uniform planting depth in uneven terrain.

- Tension spring on coulter and rear wheel allows for varied pressure to suit differing soil conditions.

- Spring loaded wheel scrapers provide efficient cleaning action.

- Drag covers move soil gently over planted seed lines.

- Adjustable height land wheels

- Durable and robust metering units are removable and easy to service.

The Stanhay S870 seed spacing and land wheel spacing charts can be found at our Seed Spacing Charts page.



Toolbar mounted Stanhay Robin 840 planterStanhay Robin 840 row units.

Stanhay Robin 840 belt planter row units
2-Row toolbar mounted Stanhay Robin belt planter


Stanhay's Robin Unit Wheel Drive is designed for commercial growers with limited acreage or small blocks.

A high-traction rear cage wheel drives each Robin unit, eliminating the need for a drive wheel. This makes Stanhay accuracy affordable to the smaller operation.

The Robin Unit Wheel Drive is available in two models: push planter style, and toolbar mounted.

The Stanhay Robin aluminum push planter is great for trial work.

With the toolbar mounted Robin, you can add rows as your planting needs grow.
Stanhay's proven 12-spacing drive land wheel


Stanhay Land Wheel - Chain Drive Transmission

Stanhay's large diameter land wheels with deep lug tires provide positive drive to the metering units.

Close ratio chain drive system gives full choice of up to 60 seed spacings and comes in 2 sizes: standard and XL.

Easy seed spacing and height adjustment allows for planting on flat or raised seedbeds up to 12-inches high.

Mounting options for Stanhay belt planters:

  • Tool bar mounted - always with land wheels
  • Sled mounted - with or without land wheels
  • Stacker bar mounted - with or without land wheels
Stanhay land wheel
Stanhay's belt drive land wheel


Stanhay Belt Drive Land Wheel

The Stanhay belt drive land wheel features a belt and pulley drive system, giving you a choice of 4 different seed spacings per seed belt.

Adjustments to seed spacing and height can be easily made.

The Stanhay S870 seed spacing and land wheel spacing charts can be found at our Seed Spacing Charts page.
Single, double, and triple line Stanhay coulters


Stanhay Coulters

Ideal for coated seed, Stanhay belt planters plant almost all small vegetable seed at any spacing pattern.

A wide range of coulters (ground openers) allows you plant in specific patterns and densities to manipulate the size and shape of your crop.


Stanhay Belt Planter Repair

Is your Stanhay belt planter in a state of disrepair? Need parts or modification? If so, check our Stanhay Services page.

From a basic metering unit tune-up, to complete planter rebuilding, we specialize in honest, reasonably priced Stanhay repair.

We also offer manuals, diagrams, and a wide array of parts new and used for do-it-yourself planter repairs.