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Zon Mark 4 (telescoping)

The Zon Mark 4 Propane Cannon provides a single pressure regulated sonic blast to frighten and disorient pest birds and wildlife. Powered by economical propane, Zon cannons are one of the most efficient means of bird control available. The mechanical Zon Mark 4 is the most user-friendly propane cannon in the world.

After starting the gas and setting the gas regulator at the desired blast interval from about 30 seconds up to 30 minutes, the Zon Mark 4 Cannon will operate unattended.

Blast volume is adjustable from 100 to 125 decibels. Sound level is adjustable via telescopic inner barrel (barrel fully collapsed = cannon at its quietest; barrel fully extended = cannon at its loudest).

A standard 20 pound (5 GAL) propane tank provides approximately 17,000 Zon Mark 4 detonations.

Weighs about 18 lbs

Common accessories:

  • 4' Rotating Tripod Assembly
  • On/off Timer

Zon propane cannon troubleshooting guides and parts diagrams can be found at our downloads page.

Along with an industry standard warranty, Zon cannons and accessories manufactured by Dazon are backed by over 7 decades of manufacturing experience and expertise. Since 1942, Dazon has been the foremost leader in the manufacture of bird scaring cannons, and continues to innovate to this day. Zon cannons remain the most effective, reliable, popular and affordable bird scaring cannons in the world.