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Seed Ace Vacuum Seeder, Modified

The Seed Ace is the first push-type vacuum planter. Its innovative design allows for singulation of many types of small seed.

Seed Ace features: 
Adjustable seed spacing 
Adjustable vacuum level 
Vacuum provided by battery powered pump 
Slide handle lets operator walk alongside planted row

Includes 1 battery, 1 battery charger, and 12 seed nozzles for planting various sizes of small seed: 

  • Red nozzle set consists of 4 nozzles, each with 1 seed pick-up hole, size 0.4 which is ideal for planting carrot, flowers, raw lettuce, and similar size seeds.
  • Black nozzle set contains 8 nozzles, each with 1 seed pick-up hole, size 0.9 which is ideal for planting beet, chard, coated lettuce, onion, and spinach.

Seed Ace purchase includes a metering unit and seed hopper. The hopper holds about a pound of small seed, which is funneled into the seed chamber. Seed Ace nozzles pick-up seed down to nearly the bottom of the chamber, but they're unable to get every last seed. This is ideal for most plantings, as remaining seed is easily removed from the hopper and stored for later use.

When very tiny amounts of small seed are to be planted, the original metering unit may not be ideal as its nozzles do not reach all the way down to the bottom of the seed chamber, and are unable to pick-up such minute amounts of seed as used in trial plantings. This may hinder some plantings, so we've developed a modification for the metering unit to allow seeding down to the last few seeds remaining in the chamber. With this modification, the hopper is removed and replaced with a back plate. Because only a tiny amount of seed is being planted, the hopper is not needed. The seed chamber is fitted with an extended base which positions the seed so it reaches the very bottom of the nozzles. Nearly every last seed is able to be planted with the modified metering unit.

Weight: 43 lbs