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Earthway Garden Seeder, 2 Row

Lightweight and inexpensive, the EarthWay Garden Seeder 1001-B is perfect for small planting jobs. It’s handy for seeding trials, and can also be used to fill in skips in larger plantings.

Each row unit comes with 7 different seed plates: corn, bean, pea, radish, carrot, beet, and now hemp. Optional plates are available for additional crops (cauliflower/broccoli, cucumber, popcorn, lima bean, and carrot-light). Includes row marker.

Here’s how it works:
Install one of the precision seed plates that best fits your seed,
Adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener,
Set your 30 long row marker for the desired width,
Fill the seed hopper with seeds,
Begin pushing in your well tilled soil.

With our EarthWay 2-Row Multi-Seeder, you can plant multiple lines at the same time. Units are attached together using all-thread. *Our standard 2-row unit comes with 12-inch row spacing. If you’d like to order the unit with different spacing, please order via phone: 866/280-6229 (spacing can be as close as 5-inches up to practically any desired width).

Made in USA.