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Seed Ace Vacuum Seeder

The Seed Ace is the first push-type vacuum planter. Its innovative design allows for singulation of many types of small seed.

Seed Ace features:

  • Adjustable seed spacing 
  • Adjustable vacuum level 
  • Vacuum provided by battery powered pump 
  • Slide handle lets operator walk alongside planted row

Includes 1 battery, 1 battery charger, and 12 seed nozzles for planting various sizes of small seed:

  • Red nozzle set consists of 4 nozzles, each with 1 seed pick-up hole, size 0.4 which is ideal for planting carrot, flowers, raw lettuce, and similar size seeds.
  • Black nozzle set contains 8 nozzles, each with 1 seed pick-up hole, size 0.9 which is ideal for planting beet, chard, coated lettuce, onion, and spinach.

Weight: 43 lbs