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Clean Seeder TP Toolbar Mounted Planter

The Clean Seeder TPTB Tool Bar Mounted Planter allows for very accurate seeding of large seeds and grains. Mounting to a 2-inch square tool bar, the TP-TB provides steady planting speed and consistent down pressure. Practically any number of rows can be mounted as close as 10-inches apart.

The Clean Seeder TPTB employs the seed plate system, the time-tested system used on many different seed planters, and the preferred system for many growers. The seed plate is held by the metering unit at an angle. As the plate rotates, seed is singulated into holes in the plate. A repeller brush prevents additional seed from exiting the hopper. Because most larger seeds are planted fairly deep at 3/4-inch or more, the TP comes standard with a double disc opener. For crops planted shallower than 3/4-inch, an optional chromium shoe is available for the TP. A wide range of plates are available for planting large vegetable seeds from peas, beans, and corn size, to pumpkin/squash-size, as well as grains like barley, sorghum, rice, etc.

Single-line TPTB mounts to a 2-inch square mount tool bar. Comes standard with double disc opener and one seed plate (A-2) which accurately singulates seeds sized similar to peas, beans, and corn. Additional TP plates are available for other large seeds and grains. Requires additional mounting accessories (ie: toolbar, hitch, parking stands).

Weight: 40 lbs