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Fog Force Bird Repellent, Gallon


Rejex-it® Fog Force™ Bird Repellent is a fogging agent that is an efficient tool for the management of nuisance birds without harming target and non-target birds or other animals. It is formulated from the food grade ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate (MA), a naturally occurring compound with reduced risk to the environment.

Size: 1 Gallon

Application method: thermal or mechanical fogger. Can be used with the discounted Falcon Thermal Fogger currently listed at our used farm equipment section.

After several exposures to the fog the birds generally leave the area completely and do not return for the season. Automated fogging systems inhibit any future re-infestation from new bird populations and assure a total bird free environment.

May be applied with either thermal or mechanical foggers (Ultra Low Volume Foggers – ULVs).

Applied undiluted at 6-8 ounces/acre.

1 - 6 applications (1-4 days apart) will usually sustain conditioning of birds.

Airborne mist, effective until it evaporates.