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KnitNet, 17' X 2500', Medium

Knit Net is a 17' wide knitted type plastic bird netting and comes bundled (not wrapped on solid core or plastic sleeve like premium birdnet).

KnitNet has a 3/4 inch mesh. Its 17-foot width makes it ideal for bird control in vineyards where our 14-foot wide bird netting isn't quite wide enough to envelop bushy vines.

  • 17-Feet wide x 2,500-feet long
  • Weight: about 120 lbs
  • Net color: black or green (color varies)
  • Approximate size as bundled: 45-inches x 30-inches x 30-inches.
  • Requires LTL freight shipment - please contact us for a quote (cannot ship via parcel delivery).
  • Medium grade netting (not quite as sturdy as our Premium Grade Bird Netting).
  • Cut lengths and narrower widths of Knit Net are not available.
Knit Net bird netting comes bundled in a reusable bag (not wrapped or spooled on core or sleeve).