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Birdscare Air Ranger, 20' (red white blue body)

The AirRanger® scarecrow is inflated by an attachable blower fan (requires electrical power). Constant airflow keeps the AirRanger® dancing, bending, and flapping its arms to ward off pest birds and wildlife. Reflective silver and gold colored “hair” shimmers and flashes in the sunlight, adding to the AirRanger’s effectiveness.

20’ Tall Red White & Blue AirRanger specs:

• Color: Red, white, and blue body, red arms with reflective finger-strips, and reflective hair-strips. Scary face on front and back sides
• 20' Model includes wheels on the blower fan for easy repositioning in the field.
• Height: 20-feet (AirRanger attachment)
• Diameter: 18" (blower and AirRanger attachment)
• Designed for use with 18" diameter AirRanger® large blower
• Material: High strength polyamide nylon (non-rip) silk w/ special additives. 
• 20’ AirRanger scarecrow is NOT intended for use in direct rain. Product is made for outdoor use but needs protection from rain. It is an electronic product and reasonable precautions must be taken. Damage due to water exposure voids warranty.