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Self Propelled Vacuum Planter, A-30 (3-row)

The 3-Row Wizard A30 seeder weighs 280 lbs. LTL shipment is required - please contact us for a specific quote.

large size seeds.

Purchase includes 1 seed plate per row unit (specify size on order)

Wizard seed planters are the most user friendly vacuum seeders available. Seed plate changes, crop changes, seed spacing, and depth adjustment have been cleverly designed for ease-of-use. Most adjustments can be made in-field without the use of tools.

The Wizard A30 steering handle features a safety advancement lever. Handle height and angle can be quickly adjusted to suit the individual operator.

Wizard seeders feature high traction pneumatic drive wheels powered by an engine that can be easily placed in a neutral position for independent wheel movement, making transport from field to field practically effortless.

Shoe height adjustment on Wizard seeders is easy thanks to the simple click-pin connection (no nuts & bolts).

The spacing transmission features a snap-on cover for easy access to the gearbox, making seed spacing changes a snap. Additional spacing gears are stored in easy reach.

Changing from one seed size to another is a cinch; simply change the seed disc, and adjust the seed spacing and planting depth for your crop.

There's no need to remove the Wizard hopper for seed clean-out thanks to the handy plug located at the bottom of the seed hopper. A swivel lever secures the plug to the unit so there's no chance of misplacing it.

The walk-behind design, adjustable handle, simple seed plate change, accessible gears, and easy seed clean out make Wizard one of the easiest to use precision seed planters on the market.


Ideal for planting in greenhouses or open field, Wizard planters are uniquely suited to plant small and large size seeds. The same Wizard seeder can plant small seed crops like carrots, onions, tomato, etc., up to larger seed crops like corn, beans, peas, etc.


Being self-propelled, the Wizard A series seeder is able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Planting upwards of 2 acres per day is possible with a single operator.

Precision planting a wide range of seed sizes sets Wizard apart from similarly priced vacuum seeders which handle either small seeds or large seeds, but not both.

Reasonably priced models means smaller operations, hobby farmers, research growers, etc. can now afford the precision vacuum seeding previously exclusive to large-scale commercial growers.


The Wizard metering unit is designed to work at a very slow rotation speed to assure accurate seed spacing.

Wizard A series units are equipped with a seed bed leveling plate that smooths the soil ahead of the shoe/coulter, assuring more accurate depth control. Row units can be spaced as close as 9.84" (25cm) apart.

Each Wizard unit comes standard with a rear concave press wheel which limits soil compaction over the seed line.