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Seed Plate, W-1, 16 Hole

The Clean Seeder TP's plastic seed plates have holes of various sizes and quantities. The shape and size of the hole is matched to the seed size. The number of holes in the seed plate determines seed spacing. TP seed plates will work in the Jang seeder.

Seed Plate W-1
is ideal for planting seed sizes similar to sorghum.

Hole size: 8.6 mm / .34 inches

Lines per plate: 1

Holes per line: 16
Possible spacing for 16-hole plate is 2.36-inches to 5.51-inches (possible spacing for 8-hole plate is4.33-inches to 10.63-inches).

Typical crops: Barley, Sorghum
Typical crops are listed, but other similar sized seeds can be planted (just about any seed that nearly matches the hole size can be planted).