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Fruit Zone Net Applicator Single Spindle

Bird netting is a highly effective means of bird control. By excluding pest birds from your crop, you can significantly reduce crop losses.

BirdNet can be applied most efficiently in full rolls of 14' wide x 5,000' long, or fruit-zone rolls of 3.5' wide x 5,000' long. Netting can also be cut into shorter lengths for application by hand, or wrapped onto spools for machine application. We offer a variety of bird netting options and accessories to suit many applications.

With a Fruit-Zone Bird Netting Applicator, you can efficiently apply fruit zone netting / side netting to protect the fruit-zones on your vines. Bird Netting Applicators are ideal for use with our standard 3.5-foot wide fruit-zone birdnet rolls, and can also handle narrower rolls,, and rolls up to about 4.5-feet wide (about 56-inches maximum).

Fruit-Zone BirdNet Applicator Spindle

Single bird netting applicator spindle comes ready to mount to your existing implement. Includes hardware for mounting to 2.25" x 2.25" diamond tool bar

Spindle only, does not include hitch or tool bar.

Bird netting applicators and spindles are seasonal items made in our in-house fabrication shop and may need to be scheduled for production. Please contact us for more information.

Weighs about 80 lbs. LTL shipment may be required. Shipping cost can be quoted upon request.