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Finger Weeder, 13" (340mm), Brush Fingers

The Steketee Finger Weeder is an entirely new innovation in the challenging practice of inner-row mechanical weeding and cultivation.

The Finger Weeder is specially designed to control small and just emerging weeds. It consists of a steel turning disc with flexible polyurethane fingers or brush fingers on it.

How it works:

  • The flexible poly fingers turn in between the crop row, driven by the steel fingers, dislodging small weeds.
  • Ball-bearing construction ensures trouble free operation
  • Finger weeders are suitable for weeding at typical cultivation speeds
  • Depth and width adjustments are infinite
Brush type finger weeders are an option for more delicate crops.

13" Brush Finger Weeder is ideal for row spacing as close as 12-inches

Finger Weeder shank dimensions: .5-inch wide x 1.125-inch deep x 9-inches long

Finger Weeder "fingers" are quite durable but will wear-out with extended use. Inexpensive replacement finger-disks are available for all style Finger Weeders.