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Diaphragm Lever

Zon Mark 4 bird scare cannon partDiaphragm Lever #91226 for Zon Mark 4 propane cannon.

Diaphragm levers are not interchangeable between Zon Mark 4 and Zon Mark 2 cannons.

Zon cannon diagrams can be downloaded at our downloads page.

For basic propane cannon troubleshooting, visit our Zon Cannon Troubleshooting page.

Most Zon Mark 4 and Mark 2 parts are readily available. Zon cannon parts not found in our store can be purchased via phone.

Along with an industry standard warranty, Zon cannons and accessories manufactured by Dazon are backed by over 7 decades of manufacturing experience and expertise. Since 1942, Dazon has been the foremost leader in the manufacture of bird scaring cannons, and continues to innovate to this day. Zon cannons remain the most effective, reliable, popular and affordable bird scaring cannons in the world.