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Clean Seeder Wide AP, Triple, Push Planter

The Clean Seeder AP features a unique seed metering system that allows you to plant a wide variety of small vegetable seeds with a wide range of seed spacing.

At the heart of the metering system is the seed metering wheel. Cells in the wheel hold seed in place. As the wheel rotates, seeds are singulated into the cells, then carried past the repeller brush and dropped into the planting shoe/ground opener. Our exclusive chromium shoe opens a very narrow trough in the soil which allows seeds to be planted at an accurate depth in a very straight line. Our specially modified soil coverer smoothes the disturbed soil back over the planted seed line, leaving a neat and level bed.

With the 3-Line Clean Seeder AP push seeder. three Metering units can be spaced as close as 3.25-inches, with a maximum of 13-inches to the outside lines. Suitable for all types of small seeds.

Each unit includes 1, Y-12 seed wheel and our exclusive chromium shoe. Additional seed metering wheels can be purchased separately.