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Barn Owl Box, All Cedar w/pole mounting block

Cedar Barn Owl Box

Due to increasing rodent populations and a desire to reduce chemical use in the field, the use of barn owls in agriculture is rapidly increasing. The barn owl is one of the most efficient hunters on wings. A single adult barn owl can consume up to 1,000 pocket gophers in a year, and a family of owls can consume up to 3,000 rodents per year. 

You can increase the likelihood of barn owl occupancy on your property by providing a safe, well positioned nesting home like the Barn Owl Nesting Box.


The common barn owl is one of the most widely distributed species of owl. It's an expert rodent hunter that nests in snug, dark cavities at well positioned sites.

Owls feed on small ground mammals and breed anytime during the year depending on food supply, with an average brood of 3.5 chicks.

Facts about the Barn Owl Nesting Box:

  • Hand made in California by expert craftsmen
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Side door for easy clean-out
  • Internal baffle to protect the young
  • Entryway designed specifically for the barn owl
  • Designed to thwart predators
  • Precise ventilation

We offer 3 owl house models:

  • Basic Barn Owl Box in white (plywood)
  • Basic Barn Owl Box in cedar stain (plywood)
  • All Cedar Barn Owl Box

Each owl house includes pre-installed brackets for mounting on a 1.25 diameter pole.

Schedule 40 galvanized metal pole is ideal (pole not included).


Weight: 25 lbs (65 lbs dimensional weight when shipped)
Approximate dimensions: 16" wide (with mounting brackets installed) x 22" long x 18" high

Installation methods and tips can be found at our Barn Owl Nesting Box tips page.