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BirdNet Spool

Bird Net Spools

Bird Netting is a highly effective means of bird control. By excluding pest birds from your crop, you can significantly reduce crop losses. Bird control netting can be applied most efficiently in full rolls, but can also be cut into shorter lengths for application by hand, or wrapped onto spools for machine application. We offer a variety of bird netting options and accessories
to suit many applications.

Bird Netting Spools

BirdNet can be pre-spooled onto Bird Netting Spools for machine application (eg: Netmaster applicator).

Empty spools can be used to retrieve and store your bird netting at the end of the season.

A single Bird Netting Spool will hold about 1,000 linear feet of 14' wide premium bird netting (spooled weight: ~60 lbs).

We can pre-spool your net onto new or existing spools for easier handling. See our Bird Netting Services page for more information.

Bird Netting Spools are not for use with our Fruit Zone Bird Netting Applicators. Hole in spool is 1.5" (fruit zone birdnet applicator spindle diameter is 2.25").