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March 28, 2023

Shell Crackers

12 ga Shell Crackers are sold in increments of 100 rounds

$195 per 100 rounds

Shell Crackers are not for sale in our online store but can be ordered by phone: (866) 280-6229 after we've received the required documentation

Shipment of Shell Crackers is subject to hazardous materials handling fees imposed by FedEx/UPS.

Shell Crackers
("cracker shells”) are fired from a 12 gauge shotgun and explode with a very loud "BANG" that scares pest birds and wildlife.

Shell Crackers are especially useful when a great firing distance is desired as they will travel 200 feet or more before exploding. Actual range varies depending on firing angle and wind factor.

Shell Crackers must be fired from a clean shotgun without a full choke, and with a chamber at least 2-3/4 inches long, and a barrel at least 20 inches long.

Effective 4/19/18, the U.S. BATF no longer requires an FEL / federal explosives license for purchase of Shell Crackers, but your Statement of Responsible Person & copy of valid photo ID are required to be on file with Sutton Ag prior to purchase. If you have already submitted a form for purchase of Bird Whistlers® or Bird Bangers, you will also need to complete and return the Shell Cracker version to purchase Shell Crackers.

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Statement of Responsible Person form for purchase of Shell Crackers can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Shell Crackers are fired from a 12 gauge shotgun