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Sfoggia Mulch Layer - V140, V190, V210

Sfoggia V190 mulch layer

Sfoggia's mulch layer can be used in all types of soil

The mulch layer can lay standard film, bio-plastic, or paper mulch


Sfoggia's versatile mulch layer is an easy and affordable way to apply a variety of mulch materials on nearly any size bed or flat ground.

This uncomplicated mulch layer applies film in a 4-step process:

- A pre-roller smooths and firms the soil
- Film is laid
- Spring loaded tires press the film along the edges
- Shovels push soil onto the edges of the film

Paper, bio-plastic, or standard film is applied and fixed in the soil using one of 3 models:

- V140 (55-inch)
- V190 (75-inch)
- V210 (82-inch)

Sfoggia's mulch layer can be used alone with the tractor, or in tandem with the STP Plastic Mulch Transplanter.

V190 mulch layer with STP transplanter