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Sfoggia STP Transplanter

Sfoggia STP transplanterSfoggia's STP transplanter is ideal for plastic mulch transplanting.

With its revolutionary design, Sfoggia's STP is the optimal transplanter for plastic mulch.

ST9 features unique plant cup that's more like an expanding 2-sided spade. The cup jabs straight into the plastic and opens, placing the plant in the soil at the desired depth. As the cup exits the plastic, a small slit is left in the plastic through which the plant can grow, while light and water are excluded.

The narrow design of the STP transplanter allows for plant-row to plant-row spacing as close as 12-inches. The number of cups can be changed to facilitate a broad range of spacings.

pdf iconSfoggia STP plastic mulch transplanter brochure

STP is often used in tandem with the V190 plastic mulch layer.

Plants transplanted with STP plastic mulch transplanter