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Sfoggia ST9 Transplanter

Sfoggia's ST9 transplanter is designed for very close row spacings.

Sfoggia ST9 transplanter rowTo meet the growing popularity of closer row spacing, Sfoggia has introduced the very compact ST9 Transplanter.

With 9 cups in a tight rotation, row-to-row spacing can be as close as 12-inches.

Instead of the traditional slow moving steady carousel rotation, ST9 intermittently moves fast, then slow for the plant drop, and faster to advance the carousel.

Available with individual seats or a bench, whichever works best for the operators.

  • Ideal for transplanting broccoli, lettuce, tomato, pepper, leek
  • Plant spacing: 5.5-inches to 12.5-inches
  • Minimum plant line to plant line spacing: 12-inches
  • Estimated production: 5000 plants per hour per operator