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Sfoggia Plantec Transplanter

2-Row Sfoggia Plantec One transplanter

2-Row Sfoggia Plantec One transplanter

Plantec One transplanter plant cups


The versatile Plantec One Transplanter can be used in bare soil
or mulch.

With its revolutionary design, Plantec One is the optimal
transplanter for plastic mulch.

A unique plant cup precisely cuts through the plastic, creating
a pocket for the plant. When the cup exits the plastic a small
slit is left for the plant, helping to exclude light.

Typical Plantec One crops include pepper and tomato. Plantec is
also ideal for “seeding” garlic, potato and large seeds through
plastic and bare soil.

The Plantec transplanter can also be used in conjunction with
the V190 Mulch Layer.

Plantec One with V190 Mulch Layer