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Sfoggia Florida Transplanter



The Florida Transplanter is the best transplanter for transplanting tall and difficult plants like tobacco.

Equipped with a parallelogram support system, a precise working depth is achieved even in irregular soils.

Florida Transplanter features:

  • Independent planting row units
  • Stainless steel opener
  • Plastic cup distributor
  • Bearing gears
  • Spring loaded PVC ejector
  • Durable construction
  • Clutch drive shaft
  • High production transplanter (3,500 plants per hour per unit)
  • Double depth adjustment (drive wheels and compression rear wheels)


Florida Transplanter standard equipment:

  • PVC seats
  • Three gears for different in-row spacing
  • Single carousel plant holder (1 per unit)
  • Toolbar (8.25' wide maximum)

Florida Transplanter optional equipment:

  • Cushion seats
  • Row marker (manual, mechanical, or hydraulic)
  • Water injection without water tank
  • Water injection with water tank (52-79 gallons)
  • Double carousel plant holder
  • Tray holder
  • Skid plate with slides (instead of compression rear wheels)
  • Large rubber compression wheels
  • Double seats
  • Large drive wheels

Florida transplanters are available in single toolbar (ST) or double toolbar (STD) models.

  • ST: Single toolbar with a minimum row distance of 17.75 inches
  • STD: Double toolbar with a minimum row distance of 9.75 inches

Mounting options for any model:

  • Fixed frame
  • Manual telescopic frame
  • Manual telescopic frame
  • Hydraulic telescopic frame
  • Hydraulic folding frame