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Sfoggia Calibra Vacuum Planter

Calibra small seed vacuum seed planter
Sfoggia Calibra vacuum seed planter

The Calibra is a small seed vacuum planter that's a great choice for all size growers. A variety of models and a wide array of options allow Calibra to be configured for almost any planting situation.

Calibra features:
    •    One, two, or three line planting from each metering unit
    •    Stainless steel seed hopper
    •    Seed vacuum for easy clean-out
    •    Large diameter seed plate
    •    Dual independent singulators
    •    Easy-view seed chamber
    •    PTO driven fan with hydraulic drive option
    •    Reverse disc rotation
    •    Numerous packer wheel and shoe options

Calibra models:
    •    SLIM: for narrow inter-row distances
    •    TANDEM: with two metering units for extremely accurate and close seed placement


Calibra Slim vacuum seeder row unit Calibra Slim

Specifically designed to allow for close seed line spacing while maintaining individually floating chassis.

Calibra Slim can be configured to plant lines as close as 5 inches with standard equipment. Spacing can be further reduced to 2.5 inches with the addition of 2-line shoes.

Typical crops planted by the Calibra Slim include high density head lettuce, leek, onion, all crops that require accurate, close row spacing.

Sfoggia Calibra Tandem vacuum seeder row unit
Calibra Tandem

Calibra Tandem was designed with very accurate seed placement in mind.

By incorporating two metering units in each chassis, seed lines can be planted very close together while maintaining the accuracy of seeding each line from an individual metering unit.

Spacing within each chassis is from 2-inches to 4.3 inches.

Calibra Tandem was specifically designed for highly accurate planting in the onion and carrot industry.