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ProPlant Seed Rate Controller

Hydraulically driven planters offer clear advantages over land wheel driven planters, but hydraulic drive systems are typically subject to inconsistent oil flow, inaccurate ground speed, and operational discrepancies.

The ProPlant™ Seed Rate Controller overcomes these difficulties.

ProPlant uses proven GPS technology to monitor ground speed. By changing the hydraulic flow to the planter drive system, seed spacing is very accurate regardless of ground speed accuracy and operator whims.

ProPlant™ features:

  • Three pre-set seed rates (user programmable)
  • On-the-go seed rate adjustment
  • Standard bracket fits most planters
  • Simple to set up, easy to use
  • VRA seeding capability
  • Less than 3 gallons of hydraulic flow required per planter section
  • Auto Section Control
  • As Applied Maps
  • Wireless remote control makes calibration a single person task
  • Eliminates monitoring a tachometer
  • Eliminates the inaccuracies of a drive wheel

Turn your planter into a precision planting machine. ProPlant™ is an electronic/hydraulic seed-rate control system that can help you maximize yields and operate more cost-effectively by improving seed spacing and placement.

Program the system for your crop seed, test it pre-field, and then plant with complete confidence.

ProPlant™ gives you both simple set-up and easy operation, while improving your productivity and your bottom line.