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March 31, 2023

Propane Cannon Rental Service

If your pest bird problems are seasonal, renting propane cannon equipment for a short duration may be the solution for you. We offer
mechanical cannons and accessories in our Propane Cannon Rental Service.

  • Zon Bird Scare Cannon - Protects 1 - 5 acres
    Purchase price of new Cannon: $250 - $280
  • 4.5' Tripod Assembly - Raises cannon and allows it to rotate with each blast
    Purchase price of new Tripod: $125
  • 2' Tripod Extension Kit - Raises cannon even higher for taller crops
    Purchase price of new Kit: $30
  • Programmable Timer - Sets daily on/off time for cannon operation
    Purchase price of new Timer: $107
  • 20 lb. (5 gal) Propane Tank - Tank available with local rental only
    (tanks are local rental only) Purchase price of new tank: $45

If you'd like to rent propane cannon equipment, please contact us toll-free: 866/280-6229.

Rental terms & conditions:

Your *deposit for the purchase price of the merchandise will be held as security until all equipment has been returned in good order.

*When your deposit is paid by check, we will hold the check undeposited. When your deposit is paid by credit card (VISA, MasterCard,
Discover), the purchase price is "authorized" to your card. This authorization is not an actual charge to your card, but it does render the funds
inaccessible to you until the authorization is released (ie: upon return of the equipment in good order). Credit card note: Account
transactions viewed online or on statements show authorizations as pending charges.

In the event of unusual wear or damage to the unit, the cost of necessary repairs will be added to the rental charges.

If after trying our bird scaring equipment you may choose to purchase your rental unit(s). The cost of the units in our rental program are
discounted based upon condition (based on how long they've been in our rental program).

When rental units are shipped, shipping charges are due, but transit time will not be included in the rental period.

Rental equipment is sometimes available for sale and may be purchased at
varying discounts dependent upon condition.