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Planter Shoe Fabrication & Repair

Planter shoes (coulters, ground openers) are one of the most important components of precision planting. We specialize in planter shoe repair and fabrication.

Our high density planter shoes are fabricated with chromium inserts, which increase shoe life and assure even wear.

Planter ShoesOur high density planter shoes are manufactured at our in-house fabrication shop

Our shoe holders allow for precise depth control, and easy side-to-side adjustment of our high density shoes. In addition to standard planter shoes, we fabricate planter shoes for unusual planting situations. Our chromium inserts are adaptable to nearly any planter, and can be designed to meet your specific planting needs.

Single-line Stanhay planter shoe with Sutton Ag's chromium insert attached
We specialize in Stanhay planter shoe repair