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Planter Shoe Repair & Fabrication



Planter shoes are one of the most important components of precision planting. We repair shoes for Stanhay planters and fabricate them for a variety of others.

When worn out, single-line shoes can be repaired with durable chromium inserts. In this process, the worn out metal is cut off and the insert is welded in place.

Multi-line shoes can be repaired with UHMW plastic, or long-lasting chromium runners.

Seed Planter Shoe Fabrication


Our chromium inserts are adaptable to most planter shoes and can be designed to meet your specific planting needs.

Planter shoes for high density seeders (Seed Spider, Sutton Seeder, Sutton Jr.) are fabricated using chromium inserts, and we've developed a special chromium shoe for use with our Clean Seeder AP planter units.