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Ortomec Series 8300 Harvester

Ortomec harvesters use the revolutionary band-blade system to cut high density crops to within 1/2 inch of the bed top. A variety of models and
accessories are available to suit your needs.


Self-propelled, wheel type harvester

The series 8300 harvester features a floating front axle and reinforced
frame with 19” ground clearance, making it the machine for use in wet fields
or uneven soil. Electronic cutting height sensors ensure precise cut, even in
areas with uneven terrain.

Four wheel drive and steering makes maneuvering a cinch, even when
dealing with tight headlands.

The 8300 has plenty of power thanks to its 75 HP Kohler turbo-diesel engine.

To meet the latest food safety standards, series 8300 is built with stainless
steel on a hot galvanized frame. All belts and materials are USDA food grade

    A large working platform (up to 13’) allows for empty and full harvest
containers, or accessories like the shaker table and water tank. Folding side-wings are designed to reduce the width into safe, legal transport

Routine daily maintenance is aided by filters and grease points in easy to access areas outside the main frame.

By utilizing the hydraulic ram lifting system, the harvest head can be fully raised allowing easy access to the engine compartment (engine and
hydraulic systems).


Series 8300 harvester options:

  • Air jump system Aromatica system
  • Folding canopy
  • Fork lift system
  • Green Line 2 system
  • Herbex head
  • Product conveyor
  • Roller table/carousel
  • Shaker table
  • Lighting system
  • Water spray system
  • Wind screen

Available cutting widths:

  • 51" (130 cm)
  • 55" (140 cm)
  • 59" (150 cm)
  • 63" (160 cm)
  • 67" (170 cm)
  • 71" (180 cm)