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Ortomec Series 4000 Leafy Greens Harvester

Ortomec harvesters use the revolutionary band-blade system to cut high density crops to within 1/2 inch of the bed top. A variety of models and
accessories are available to suit your needs.


Pull-type, wheeled harvester

Drawn by a 40-HP tractor, the Series 4000 pull-type harvester is suitable for
harvesting leafy greens including baby leaf, spring mix, spinach, chard, etc.

PTO powered hydraulic system controls harvester cutting height, blade
rotation, and product belt.

The 3-point, rear-mounted 4000 is lowered to the ground when harvesting, and
raised when making turns.

Suitable for bed widths up to 80-inches.

Comes standard with stainless steel head.

Series 4000 harvester options:

  • Light system
  • Product conveyor
  • Roller table / carousel
  • Shaker table


Available cutting widths:

  • 47" (120 cm)
  • 51" (130 cm)
  • 55" (140 cm)
  • 59" (150 cm)
  • 63" (160 cm)
  • 67" (170 cm)
  • 71" (180 cm)