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Ortomec Series 4000 Leafy Greens Harvester

Ortomec harvesters use revolutionary cutting technology. Most models are available with the standard band blade head for cutting leafy vegetables and high density crops cut above soil level (baby leaf, spring mix, spinach, arugula, etc) to within 1/2-inch of the bed top. Models 7000 and higher feature alternate head options for harvesting other crops like head lettuces, herbs, and root crops cut below the soil level.

Blade, product belt, and cutting height are hydraulically driven and infinitely adjustable, giving the operator excellent control. From the highly affordable tractor-drawn pull type models, to larger self-propelled track machines, Ortomec has a harvester to suit your needs whether your harvest operations are in the open field or greenhouse. Common features include: galvanized frame, stainless steel cutting head and product conveyor, hydraulics, riding platform, tote storage platform, "floating" harvest head, and food grade product/conveyor belts.


Pull-type, wheeled harvester

Drawn by a 40-HP tractor, the Series 4000 pull-type harvester is suitable for
harvesting leafy greens including baby leaf, spring mix, spinach, chard, etc.

PTO powered hydraulic system controls harvester cutting height, blade
rotation, and product belt.

The 3-point, rear-mounted 4000 is lowered to the ground when harvesting, and
raised when making turns.

Suitable for bed widths up to 80-inches.

Comes standard with stainless steel head.