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Ortomec Multi-Seeder

Ortomec Multi-Seeder

Ortomec Multi-Seeder

Ortomec Multi-Seeder seed clean-out tray

Multi-Seeder seed lines can be closed off individually

In addition to their innovative leafy greens harvesters, Ortomec has designed the Multi-Seeder, a seed planter that meets the needs of
high density crop growers.


High density seed planter

The tractor mounted Ortomec Multi-Seeder is a versatile planter
perfect for planting high density crops.

Multi-Seeder features:

  • 13" Stainless steel, hydraulically driven front and rear rollers with scrapers to prevent soil build-up
  • Stainless steel seed hopper (holds over 50 lbs of seed)
  • Specially designed clean-out tray for quick and easy seed changes
  • Vibrating seed agitation via electric motor provides constant flow and prevents bridging
  • Flexible planting depth and spacing
  • Spring loaded shoes are individually adjustable and can be spaced as close as 2" apart
  • Innovative sliding "doors" close off individual seed lines

The Multi-Seeder comes in several widths to accommodate a variety
of bed sizes

  • 47" / max 20 lines
  • 55" / max 23 lines
  • 63" / max 26 lines
  • 71" / max 29 lines

Maximum planting widths and seed lines are listed above. Plant any
number of lines up to the max listed.

Multi-Seeder Options:

  • Granular applicators
  • Larger seed hopper (holds 5x more seed; ideal when planting large seeds, like spinach, chard, and beets)