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Ortomec Cleaner


The original bed top cutting and vacuuming system.

The Ortomec Cleaner is an innovative machine that can perform several functions.

Bed prep for second harvest:

In crops that are grown to be harvested twice, the Cleaner's vacuum function can remove decaying leaves, insects, and other lightweight field trash remaining after the first harvest.

Any uncut product missed during the first harvest can also be cut and removed with the Cleaner, ensuring a more uniformly grown crop for the second harvest.

Efficient bed cleanup for unharvested crops:

Crops that are not feasible to harvest due to weather damage, lack of market demand, etc., still need to be removed from the field.


Normally, fully grown unharvested crops are cut down with mower-type machines that can damage the crop, and can leave behind a field that needs to be cleaned with separate equipment. A single operator can employ the Cleaner to cut, vacuum, and dump product in a single pass. This not only cleans trash out of the field, but leaves the field ready to grow for a possible future harvest.


  • Cat II 3-pt. hitch attachment
  • Single operator control via tractor (60 hp recommended)
  • Stainless steel cutting head
  • Forward speed of 1.25 - 2 mph
  • Hydraulic system powered by PTO
  • Electro-hydraulic height control sensors
  • Large capacity collection hopper that tilts to empty harvested product / vacuumed debris (powered by hydraulic ram)
  • Cutting head width from 47 to 70 inches
  • Track width from 53 to 84 inches