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Ortiflor TSA190 stone burying mulcher
Ortiflor Bed Forming Mulchers are sturdy, well built, and known for their reliability.

Fields with rocks, dirt clods, and other "trash" need to be properly prepped for planting. Mulching and tilling the fields eliminates most of this trash, but beds still need to be properly formed and leveled for precision seed planting equipment. Crops growing in smoothed fields with well prepped beds also provide ideal conditions for harvesting equipment.

Ortiflor reverse rotation mulchers are ideal for high density bed prep and working the soil to a depth of 10-inches.

Ortiflor mulcher blades
Specialized blades work the soil to a depth of about 10-inches

With a unique sifter system and specially designed blades, Ortiflor mulchers effectively bury dirt clods, small rocks, and trash, while leaving lighter, finer material on top of the bed.

An optional rear roller further shapes and smoothes the bed. Hydraulic drive inhibits soil sticking to the roller.

Ortiflor mulchers are available in single bed, 3-bed, and 4-bed models.

3 & 4 Bed units are available in rigid or folding style.

Rigid units are ideal in applications where a tool carrier is used for transport, or when the mulcher remains at a single location.

Folding units allow for transport at a more reasonable width when moved via low-boy.

Ortiflor TSA190 single-bed mulcher with rear roller forming 80" beds. near Salinas, California (click to enlarge).
CultiMac rotors
Ortiflor TSAP600 three-bed folding mulcher forming 3, 80" beds near Salinas, California
Ortiflor TSAP mulcher
Ortiflor TSA140 mulcher
Ortiflor TSA mulcher
Ortiflor TSA mulcher with plastic mulch layer

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Ortiflor 3-bed folding mulcher