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Oliver Rotovert Tilt Cultivator

As growers continue to plant more crop lines per acre, the space between rows gets narrower and narrower. Traditional cultivation is a challenge when rows are less than 10-inches apart. Rotovert Tilt overcomes this challenge as it can cultivate crops planted as close as 5-inches between lines.

Oliver Rotovert Tilt cultivator weederThanks to state-of-the-art software and a camera guided hitch, close cultivation on narrow spacings is possible.

Each row has its own adjustable spring loaded arm that positions the rotating elements at a consistent depth. Since the "tilt" and width of the element is adjustable, the degree soil is disturbed is easily controlled.

Similar to traditional "finger weeders", Rotovert Tilt also helps to control weeds inter-row (between plants in the plant line).

Rotovert is ideal for narrow spacing lettuce, carrot, onion, garlic, baby bok choi, etc.