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Colibri High Density Mechanical Weeder

Colibri is the first high-precision mechanical weeder for high density crops. Uniquely designed for use in high density crops, Colibri kills weeds with steel discs.

Colibri is the only mechanical weeder available for high density weeding applications. Utilizing automated camera technology, Colibri identifies the exact position of the crop and precisely places sawtooth blades between the seed lines. Steel weeding discs are mounted on hydraulic parallelograms with an independent hydraulic system to ensure uniform and consistent cultivation performance.

Colibri can be used on row spacings as tight as 1.75”, making mechanical cultivation possible for high density crops such as spinach and carrot for the first time.

Colibri is ideal for all growers of high density crops such as spinach, spring mix, cilantro, parsley, basil, carrot, etc, and is especially beneficial to Organic growers with higher weed pressures.

Conventionally, weed control in high density crops has been done via herbicide, hand labor, or expensive laser equipment. Colibri offers high density  growers an affordable mechanical option for controlling weeds in place of herbicides, hand labor, and slow moving laser equipment, allowing for more organic production, less chemical input, reduced reliance on increasingly hard to find hand labor, and yield increases comparable to the more expensive laser machinery.

Oliver Colibri mechanical weederOliver Colibri mechanical weeder