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Harvester Blades

Our harvester blades come in a variety of different styles and sizes to suit a variety of different harvest situations.

Blade thicknesses:

    .025 .035

Blade widths:

    5/8-inch 3/4-inch 1-inch *Custom
    *Custom blade sizes for nearly any band blade harvester

Blade styles:

Band blades (serrated)
Reciprocating blades (serrated or straight edge)
Herbex blades

Harvester blade
Harvester blades

Serrated Edge Harvester Blades

Scallop and wavy band blades are the standard of the baby greens and spinach industry. An extremely sharp edge makes them the perfect choice for a surgical cut.

Available in band blade and reciprocating blade styles.

Harvester blades, boxed

Band Blades

Our band blades are compatible with Ortomec harvesters.

Made of hard edge, heat-treated high carbon steel.

They're packaged individually for safe handling. Each blade is compacted and bound with a wire tie, then packed into a box for safe handling and storage.

Blades are available in singles, or in 10-packs for volume pricing (10% discount on purchase of 10+ blades).

Popular harvester blades can be purchased at our online store.

Harvester blade
Herbex harvesting head

Herbex Blades

Ortomec's Herbex head is used when harvesting head lettuces and for crops that are cut underground like mache and spinach.

  • For head lettuces, Herbex with a reciprocating blade is used.
  • For underground cutting, Herbex with the very aggressive "toothed" blade is used.
Reciprocating harvester blade
A reciprocating blade is used when harvesting head lettuces with Ortomec's Herbex head.
Herbex harvesting head
Herbex blade
A special "toothed" blade is used when harvesting underground crops with Ortomec's Herbex head.

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