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March 29, 2023

EPCD Storage Magazine

As of 2011, Bird Bombs® are classified as explosive pest control devices (EPCD) by the U.S. BATF. A federal explosives license (FEL) is required for purchase of Bird Bombs® by private / corporate users. Government entities and contractors thereof are generally not be subject to the license requirement.

Whether subject to federal licensing or not, EPCDs must always be properly stored, so we offer a storage magazine that is suitable for storage of Bird Bombs®.


Note for FEL applicants:

A variance is required to store Bird Bombs® in this magazine. Purchase includes the following required paperwork for submission to the ATF:

Partially completed "Explosives Storage Magazine Description Worksheet" (ATF form 5400.13/5400.16). You'll just need to enter your information as applicable (a practice worksheet is included with
these areas highlighted).

"Plat plan" for you to diagram the storage location of the magazine. A sample of the "variance request letter" which you can copy onto your letterhead, as well as backup attachments (Sutton Ag's Classification of Explosives, and U.S. Dept. of Justice determination letter).

For information on applying for an FEL, visit our EPCD License Help page.

Magazine Model 1

  • Capacity 5 cu.ft. / Holds up to 2,000 rounds of Bird Bombs®
  • Dimensions: 32" long x 19" wide x 19" high.
  • Weight when empty: 77 lbs.
  • Call for pricing