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Earthway Seed Plate Guide

Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder

Below is a list of available seed plates for the Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder.


  • The Earthway chassis travels 36”/91.4cm for every revolution of the seed plate.
  • Custom seed spacings can be achieved by customizing the blank seed plate to fit other planting spacing and seed sizes.
  • Smaller seeds can stick together in humid conditions. Dip the plate in soapy water and let dry, or try a 3rd party seed powder (Seed SLIK) to prevent your seeds from sticking together.

Earthway seed plates can be purchased individually, or in money saving sets: Standard Seed Plate Set, or Optional Seed Plate Set.


Sweet corn seed
plate 18100
7.2" Spacing

Plants most
varieties of sweet
corn and some
other larger seed types 0.375"

Radish seed
plate 18101
3" Spacing

Plants some leek, asparagus,
spinach, and
other fine seeds 0.175"

Carrot seed plate 18102
4.5" Spacing

Plants some
lettuce, turnip,
endive, cabbage, onion, tomato,
and other fine
seeds 0.125"

Bean seed plate 18103
3.6" spacing

Plants some
small peas 0.450"

Pea seed plate
3" Spacing

Plants some
jumbo and early
June peas 0.562"

Beet seed plate 18105
3.6" Spacing

Plants some
okra, Swiss
chard, and other medium seeds

Hemp seed plate 18111
36" Spacing

Plants various
types of hemp
seed 0.170"


Light carrot seed plate 18108 4.5" Spacing

Plants light lettuce, turnip, rutabaga, light cabbage, mustard, kale, and other fine seeds 0.150"

Broccoli seed plate 18109 1" Spacing

Plants mustard, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, rutabaga, and other fine seeds 0.100"

Cucumber seed plate 18110 9" Spacing

Plants some pumpkin, gourd, squash, and other flat seeds 0.312"

Popcorn seed plate 18112 9" Spacing

Plants medium size seeds of a size less than 0.250"

Lima bean seed plate 18124 12" Spacing

Plants peanuts and other large seeds 0.625"

Blank seed plate

Make a custom seed plate with spacing and seed size you determine


Custom seed fitting can be easily accomplished by using bees wax to alter Earthway plates to suit your seed size and spacing (bees wax is preferred because of its strength and durability over normal paraffin wax). Holes can be made smaller by partially filling the seed cups of a larger seed plate with the wax, and spacing changes can be made by filling the seed cup fully with bees wax to get the desired spacing. Since the wax is removable, your original seed plate remains intact.

When melting bees wax use EXTREME CAUTION to prevent burns or fires.

STEP 1: On the front face of the seed plate, cover each cup with masking tape making sure to press the tape down to completely cover and seal the cup and cut-out on the seed plate. Do not fold the tape onto the back of the seed plate as it will cause problems in step 5.

STEP 2: Turn seed plate over. On the back of the seed plate, place the selected seed in the center of the cup so that it is stuck to the masking tape (if possible).

STEP 3: Carefully drip wax into the cup and cut-out area around the seed until the area is filled level with the top of the seed plate. Repeat on the remaining cups and allow to cool.

STEP 4: Remove the seeds from the seed plate cups. Using a knife or pointed object, carefully trim the excess wax from the back of the seed plate. Remove any fragments of wax from the hole that was left by the seed.

STEP 5: Turn seed plate over and place it on a hard flat surface. Remove the masking tape from the front of the seed plate cups, and remove any wax fragments from the hole that was left by the seed.