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Custom Farm Equipment Fabrication

For decades, Sutton Ag has specialized in Stanhay planter sales and service. Beginning with the humble and enduring belt planter, and continuing with the modern and innovative vacuum planter, our Stanhay repair shop provides thorough and accurate service, from a quick metering unit tune-up to get your units back in to the field ASAP, to a complete rebuild to get your units looking and operating like new again. We pride ourselves in knowing we’re the preeminent source for Stanhay service.

In more recent years, we’ve expanded beyond just servicing Stanhay units to complete equipment fabrication and repair. From planter shoes, sleds and stacker bars, to small harvesters and accessories, we work directly with growers to build customized equipment.

Our in-house planter design and fabrication shop specializes in building your unique equipment to your unique specifications.

Need a heavy duty stacker bar for your vacuum planter?
We can do it.

Have an unusual soil condition that requires specialized runners on your planter sled?
We can do it.

Want Seed Spider metering units in your unique trial planter?
We can do it.

Need Stanhay precision for your one of a kind research planter?
We can do it.

Need specialized planter shoes to meet special planting conditions?
We can do it.

Need to add a spray system to your planter?
We can do it.

Need a one of a kind harvester accessory?
We can do it.

  • Packer wheel fabrication & repair
  • Seed planter shoe fabrication & repair
  • Spray systems
  • Planter sled fabrication
  • Stacker bar fabrication
  • Bed shaper fabrication